World Stroke Day 2018: Beware Of The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Stoke


World Stroke Day 2018 focuses on improving quality of life of stroke survivor

October 29 is observed as World Stroke Day. The theme for World Stroke Day 2018 is #UpAgainAfterStroke: Support for life after stroke. This year, the theme focuses on offering support to stroke survivors and raising awareness about basic needs of stroke survivors and caregivers. This is required in order to avail the best quality of life to stroke survivors. A stroke, which can also be referred to as a brain attack, occurs when blood flow to the brain stops. A person who's suffering from a stroke needs to be dealt with by taking quick and timely action. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, it is important to get emergency help within an hour of a stroke attack in order to prevent long-term disability or death from the condition. In order to take timely action, it is important to be aware of warning signs of stroke.

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On World Stroke Day 2018, following are some of the common warning signs of stroke which everyone must know:

Symptoms of stroke happen suddenly and do not leave enough room for a warning. Common symptoms of stroke can be recognized with the help of "FAST".

F for drooping Face: The moment you notice a droop or an uneven smile on the person's face, it is a warning sign of stroke.


Severe headache that comes for no reason can be warning sign of a stroke
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A for numb Arms: If a person feels numbness in arms or a little weakness in arms, it is a warning sign of stroke. In case you feel unsure of the warning sign, ask the person to raise his/her arms. If the arms drop down or aren't steady when raised, it is a warning sign of stroke.

S for difficulty in Speech: If a person finds it difficult in speech, it is a warning sign of stroke. Slurring speech can be a sign that a person is having a stroke.

T stands for Time: If a person is having any of the above warning sign or all of them, you need to act immediately and take necessary steps like calling for emergency.

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Some other symptoms of stroke include troubles in vision in both eyes, numbness in limbs on one side of the body, unexplained fatigue, experiencing difficulty while walking, feeling confused or finding trouble in understanding other people, trouble in seeing with one or both eyes, severe headache that comes for no reason, and dizziness.

This World Stroke Day, let's work towards spreading awareness about common stroke symptoms so that you can take timely action against them and enable a stroke survivor to live a healthy life.

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