When Bill Gates Calculated How To Cut His Wedding Cake Into Equal Slices

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A picture shared by Melinda Gates on Twitter.

Billionaire businessman, philanthropist and the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is an extraordinary man – and a video shared by his wife proves that. To mark their 25th wedding anniversary, Melinda Gates took to Facebook to share a delightful video from their wedding day – one that shows Bill Gates using math to quickly figure out how to cut his wedding cake so every guest got a slice.

"New Year's Day 1994. We told you it was time to cut the cake. You thought that meant you needed to cut a slice for everyone and did some astonishingly quick math to calculate exactly how big each slice should be," wrote Melinda on their 25th anniversary, two days ago.

"This is the moment I realized what was happening-and also the moment you realized that cake had a cardboard middle and I had forgotten to mention it. I laughed so hard I couldn't speak," she said, sharing the adorable video.

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The video shows Melinda laughing as a bemused Bill Gates cuts the cake.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared online, the video has collected over 12,000 'likes' and hundreds of comments.

"Too funny! Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary," wrote one commenter. "Happy Anniversary to the most giving couple in the world," said another.

Melinda Gates also shared another adorable picture and the sweetest anniversary message on Twitter.

Happy anniversary, @BillGates! Twenty-five years and three kids later, we're still laughing this hard. pic.twitter.com/ZPw2crmw6i

— Melinda Gates (@melindagates) January 1, 2019

"I can't wait to spend 25 more years laughing together," Bill Gates responded to it, equally sweetly.

Happy anniversary, @melindagates. I can't wait to spend 25 more years laughing together. https://t.co/LMJ126c3ua

— Bill Gates (@BillGates) January 1, 2019

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