What? Rohit Suchanti’s love track with Srishty Rode in Bigg Boss 12 was planned?

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What? Rohit Suchanti's love track with Srishty Rode in Bigg Boss 12 was planned?

Do you know that Rohit Suchanti created a love track with Srishty Rode to survive in Bigg Boss 12? Yes! this is what Megha Dhade revealed in an exclusive chat with us. take a look.

What? Rohit Suchanti's love track with Srishty Rode in Bigg Boss 12 was planned? Source : press

Bigg Boss season 12 dint stood up to the benchmark that was set by the contestants of season 11. As we all know that 2 of the wild card entries were send in the house to add some spice in the show. It was Marathi Bigg Boss winner Megha Dhade and Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya actor Rohit Suchanti entered the show as a wild card entry.

As soon as Rohit Suchanti entered the show he started showing his feelings for Shrishty Rode. As we all noticed that Shrishty cleared that she is already engaged and he looks up to Rohit as a friend. However, in an exclusive conversation with Lehren Megha Dhade made some shocking revelation on how Rohit Suchanti entered the house with a plan. He was looking for a girl who is single.

When asked about her view on Shrishty Rode and Rohit Suchanti's love angle she said "When Rohit came in the house, the first day he said 'there isn't any beautiful bachelor girl in the house? I want to create a love track'. So I asked him will you create a love track to survive here? he replied that here girls are either married or have a boyfriend. There should have been a bachelor girl, and what we saw next day, Rohit Sucnhti roaming around Srishty.
I said the same thing to Jasleen that now Rohit will catch Srishty."

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Megha was questioned further that even Srishty enjoyed Rohit's company to which she said "She actually got trapped. She thought Rohit's friendship was genuine, she even felt that. After a week when Srishty was nominated but was safe, even at that time Rohit told here that she got saved because of him. He came with a dirty staregy in his mind."

Well, that's quite a revelation. who has ever thought that Rohit would play such game in the house? After Bigg Boss 12 it was rumored that Rohit was the real reason behind Srishty and Manish Naggdev's breakup. Fans are waiting for Srishty to come forward and clear the air about the roumours.

Check out Megha Dhade's full interview with Lehren right here.

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