Weight Loss: Sniffing Certain Foods And Other Bizarre Weight Loss Diet Tricks

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Myths and facts often get intertwined in today's extremely digtised world. With more and more people seeking health and diet advice online, from so-called social media influencers, the lines between reality and bizarre are blurred, especially when it comes to weight loss. There are a number of beliefs that appear to be suspicious at best and downright bizarre at worst. These weight loss 'tricks' promise to 'cut belly fat' and curb hunger pangs, thereby leading one to shed some kilos. One comes across such simplistic advice which may be based on outmoded research or mere anecdotal evidence, which may lead you to follow them and in turn lead to lot of frustration, if it doesn't work out. From sniffing certain smells and foods, to eating in certain colour of plates, there are a number of bizarre weight loss tips, which you must take with a pinch of salt, and a whole dollop of scientific skepticism.

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Here are five bizarre weight loss tricks that some people believe in:

1. Sniff Green Apples or Peppermint

It is said that sniffing certain foods like green apples, peppermint, garlic, extra virgin olive oil etc., may lead to people feeling less hungry, leading to weight loss. This is based on a one-time experiment where smelling these foods may have resulted in people not feeling hungry. But it may not be something that will help you in losing weight in the long term.

2. Light A Vanilla Scented Candle After Dinner

Lighting a vanilla scented candle after dinner is said to suppress your craving for dessert. The candle or anything with the smell of vanilla is said to lead to weight loss, by suppressing your craving for desserts.

3. Eat Out Of Blue Plates

It is said that eating out of blue crockery may lead in weight loss, as the colour suppresses appetite. This is believed to work because blue is a colour which is not naturally spotted in edible things like fruits and vegetables. However, this theory is believed to be true for a number of colours and is popularised through a number of different studies.

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4. Eat In Brightly-Lit Places

It is believed that eating in low lights lowers your eating inhibitions and so turning the lights up may make you eat less.

5nskone8Weight Loss: It is said that eating in brightly lit places makes you eat less

5. Eat In Front Of A Mirror

It is said that eating in front of a mirror, makes you self-conscious and reminds you of your self-goals, making you eat within limits.

While all these theories about weight loss originated in scientific research, they cannot be considered effective ways to lose weight. This is because there are limitations to the results of all scientific studies due to controlled environments where they are conducted. Moreover, these may not be sustainable dietary practices. If you wish to lose weight, the only dependable way is to draw up a healthy diet chart and get in more physical exercise.

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