Weight Loss: Load Up On These Vitamin C-Rich Fruits To Cut Belly Fat

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If you have a weight problem and are looking to get fit, it's crucial that you eat right. But eating right is not just about lowering the number of calories consumed. It is also important to get the right kind of nutrition and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. One of the biggest mistakes of those looking to lose weight is to focus on adjusting the amount of macronutrients consumed. People tend to forget that a number of micro nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals can also have a major role to play in your weight loss journey. One such micronutrient that can go a long way in helping you lose weight is vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. We all know vitamin C as the vitamin present in citrus fruits and one that is the leading nutrient that can help in boosting immunity in the body.

But did you know that consuming vitamin C may also boost weight loss? A deficiency of vitamin C may be hindering your weight loss. Additionally, vitamin C deficiency may lead to symptoms like bleeding gums as well as acne breakouts and other skin problems. Persistent lack of vitamin C is characterised by a disease called Scurvy, and some other signs of scurvy include easy bruising of the body and muscle and joint pains. So, now that you know just how important it is to consume vitamin C, let's take a look at why exactly it is important to consume vitamin C, specifically for weight loss.

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Vitamin C For Cutting Belly Fat And Weight Loss

Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient that supplies antioxidants to the body and is important for eye health as well. But for those looking to lose weight, this nutrient is of special interest due to its role in metabolisation of fat molecules. It is no wonder then that people who are deficient in vitamin C or whose diet does not include optimal amounts of the vitamin have more fat accumulation around their bellies and larger waist circumference. A 2005 study, published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, showed that vitamin C deficiency can slow down loss of fat mass and that those who have a higher vitamin C intake have lower body mass indices (BMI). The study's authors concluded that increasing the intake of vitamin C may improve fat oxidation during even moderate-intensity workouts. It is, however, pertinent to mention here that consuming vitamin C is not a sure shot way to lose weight.

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Weight Loss: Vitamin C may help prevent fat accumulation around the belly

Best Dietary Sources Of Vitamin C For Weight Loss

1. Lemon

One of the best dietary sources of vitamin C is lemon, which can be consumed along with warm water and honey early in the morning to target belly fat. A 100-gm of lemon pulp contains 53mg of vitamin C (as per the USDA data).

2. Guava

Guava is one of the most under-appreciated sources of vitamin C, with a whopping 228.3mg of the nutrient present in a 100-gm portion of guava (as per the USDA data). Guava is also low in calories and high in fibre, and hence, is perfect for weight loss.

3. Orange

Oranges are delicious and incredibly rich in vitamin C. At about the same amount of vitamin C as lemons, oranges contain 53.2mg of the nutrient per 100-gm of the fruit.

4. Papaya

Papayas are known to be one of the best weight loss fruits out there. They are low in carbs and loaded with vitamin C – a 100-gm portion of papaya pulp contains 62mg of vitamin C, putting it up there among some of the best fruits to consume for loading up on vitamin C.

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So, now you know! Exercise and working out is as important as eating right, when it comes to weight loss, so don't forget to increase your level of physical activity in case you're struggling with 'weighty issues'.

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