Weight Loss: 3 Low-Calorie Snacks You Can Pack For Office

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There are days when our office hours are extremely hectic and stressful, wherein we don't have time to leave our desk to have lunch. In between the never-ending meetings, presentations and calls, we sometimes skip our meals, or even if we manage to take out 10 minutes from our busy schedule, we end up eating anything that comes our way like patties, samosas, burgers, instant noodles, et al. For such busy days at work, you can pack some low-calorie snacks for office. These snacks will not only help you keep satiated but will also control untimely hunger pangs.

3 Low-Calorie Snacks You Can Pack For Office:


Pack yourself a box full of homemade popcorns. This low-calorie snack will not only help you lose weight but will also keep you satiated for long, keeping hunger pangs at bay. Popcorns are definitely a better snack option than samosas and chocolate cookies. They are naturally fat-free and sugar-free, so you may load up on them without any guilt. Make sure you don't rely on chocolate- or caramel-flavoured popcorns as those will ruin all your efforts.

Sprouts Salad

By salad, we don't just mean salad leaves with chunks of a few veggies, but also celery, tofu and sprouts. Sprouted beans and legumes are believed to be very nutritious and healthy. They are the best foods that help lose weight. Sprouts are packed with a high amount of fibre, which makes us feel satiated for longer. These yummy delights also prevent the release of ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone that signals our brain to eat more.


Feather-light and fluffy dhoklas are everyone's favourite. Honestly, there's no specific time to savour these yummy delights, but they make a great tea-time snack. Dhokla is prepared using fermented ingredients, which makes this Gujarati dish easier to digest. Since dhokla is steamed and not fried, you can easily add it to your weight loss diet. Moreover, it helps enable a healthy gut flora, meaning improved digestion and bowel movement, which ultimately aids weight loss.

Pack these low-calorie foods for office and savour them as tea-time snacks.

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