Watch: Very Narrow Escape For 2 Men As Truck Crashes Over Them

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Two men had a very narrow escape after a truck toppled over them.

A terrifying video has captured the exact moment two men escaped death very narrowly after a truck topples over them. A video shared by CGTN shows two men on a scooter narrowly avoiding getting crushed after a sand truck tips over on the road.

Luckily for the men, it was what was inside the truck that ultimately saved them. According to CGTN, the truck contained sand. As the truck crashed onto the road, the sand spilling from it pushed away the two men on the scooter, thereby saving them from any serious injuries.

The incident took place last Wednesday in Wuzhou city, in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The heart-stopping video has since gone viral on Chinese social media platforms.

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Watch the video below:

While the two men luckily managed to escape mostly unharmed, the case is now being investigated by the police.

In China last year, CCTV camera captured the moment a man managed to ditch his bike just moments before being possibly crushed by a truck and walking away unharmed.

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