Watch: Himachal Festival Where People Throw Stones At Each Other

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People throw stones at the festival in Dhami village, 40 km from Shimla

Dhami, Himachal Pradesh:

Every year, hundreds of people gather at a village near Shimla to celebrate a festival dedicated to the Goddess Kali. They take out a procession for some time. Then they throw stones at each other.

The young representatives of the royal family of Dhami, 40 km from Shimla, participated in the stone-throwing festival this year to preserve their centuries-old tradition.

Locals say it is their belief that the former queen of Dhami gave her life to end the practice of human sacrifice and asked people to start a fair, where two clans would throw stones at the sky and until someone is hit, and the blood of that person would be offered to the Goddess Kali.

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On the festival day, a large procession started from a temple built by the former king of Dhami. Soon, hundreds of people from two local clans gathered at the place where they would soon be locked in a stone-throwing battle.

#WATCH Shimla: Locals in Dhami Village today observed the traditional ritual of stone pelting, to appease Goddess Kali

– ANI (@ANI) November 8, 2018

"This fair had been celebrated here for centuries, I have heard from the elders, it is nearly 400 years old," a fair organiser said. "It was started with an effort to end the cruel tradition of human sacrifice. A large number of people gather here to see the fair."

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