Watch: Add More Protein To Your Breakfast With This Chana Dal Paratha Recipe


Protein-rich diet: Make chana dal paratha with this easy recipe

Paratha is a breakfast staple and we all have to unanimously agree on it. Stuffed with foods of your choice, a paratha with curd or chutney or sabzi makes for a wholesome meal that will keep you well fed and satiated till lunch time. The best part about this comfort meal is that it is easy to make and can be made with any ingredient you like. We have already gone into overdrive with aloo paratha, gobhi paratha and pyaz paratha; it's time you try something new and maybe, more healthful too. Ideally, morning meals should be suffused with protein; the nutrient that fuels the body with energy and keeps the tummy full for a long time.

Since the versatile dish of paratha can be tailored any way to suit our needs, let's fill it with protein this time and make this chana dal paratha. The yellow-coloured split chana dal or Bengal gram is closely related to the chickpea family and is known for its high nutritional value and a distinct nutty flavour. This dal is extremely rich in proteins, and consumed by dieters in spades for their weight loss goals. Chana dal is often used to make curries, Punjabi-style dal and some south-Indian dishes. Expand the horizon of your culinary craft by making a paratha with chana dal.

This recipe video on NDTV Food's YouTube channel will help you make this extraordinarily delicious and health-giving paratha that is sure to win your family's heart. Watch the video here and infuse more protein in your breakfast diet.

Watch Protein-Rich Chana Dal Paratha Recipe Here –

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