Vitamin C: Why Do You Need Vitamin C? 5 Vitamin C-Rich Fruits You Must Have

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'Eat your fruits, you need to have enough vitamin C', we are sure most of you have seen your mothers chasing you with a bowl of fruits talking about how important this particular vitamin is in your growth and development. Guess what? She had all the good reasons to be so particular. Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients required by our body to carry out a variety of functions. The human body doesn't have the capacity to generate Vitamin C. Therefore, it needs to be received through food and other supplements.

According to Delhi-Based Nutritionist Nidhi Sawhney, "There are many health benefits of Vitamin C. From combating stroke to healing wounds, Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of iron in the body. This is why it's suggested to pair foods full of Vitamin C with iron-rich foods."
Here's why you need Vitamin C:

• Boosts Immunity
• Fights free radical activity and oxidative damage caused by the activity
• Boosts collagen production and skin health
• Helps keep blood pressure levels in check
• Prevents cold and fever
• Helps manage stress.
• Promotes weight Loss. For proper fat metabolism, regular intake of Vitamin C is essential
• Prevents onset of scurvy
• Helps absorption of iron
Symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency:

• Fatigue
• Mood changes
• Joint and muscle aches
• Bruising
• Worsened dental conditions
• Dry hair and skin.
Citrus fruits are considered to be some of the best sources of Vitamin C. But there are many other fruits that make for a good source for vitamin C too.

Here are 5 fruits loaded with Vitamin C that you must add to your diet:
1. Oranges: The vitamin C content of orange is exceptional. Orange juice may help prevent the formation of kidney stones. Regular consumption of oranges may also help give you a beautiful skin, a healthy heart and a smooth digestive system.

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2. Lime: In addition to vitamin C, this citrus fruit is packed with vitamin K, which is essential for healthy blood clotting.

3. Lemon: Drinking lemon water right in the morning can give your body a perfect antioxidant boost. Lemon is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C and antibacterial properties. The acidic composition of lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials and toxins from your body. Lemon water also encourages the liver to produce more bile which further helps in digestion and detoxification.

4. Papaya: It is said that the great voyager Christopher Columbus used to refer to it as "fruit of the angels". Papaya is known to aid digestion, and is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. It also boosts immunity and helps in managing diabetes.

5. Strawberries: This delightful fruit delivers a significant boost of vitamin C along with other vitamins like vitamins K and B9 and minerals like potassium, manganese and calcium.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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