Viral Post: This Man Doesn’t Want His Pizza Delivered In 30 Minutes

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Ordering food at home is one of the comforts that people in urban areas have come to enjoy. The click of a few buttons can get you closer to freshly prepared food of all kinds. Additionally, with more and more players entering the food delivery space in India, urban consumers are ordering food from restaurants and cafes more often, at competitive prices and at unbelievably fast speeds. The joy of getting your food delivered to your doorstep within as little a time period as 30 minutes is quite amazing. However, there is at least one man who says he would not want his pizza getting delivered within 30 minutes and his reason for this is something that thousands of people on Facebook are resonating with. Hyderabad-based chef Rajat Kumar Roy posted a long message on his Facebook page, which has since been shared almost 78,000 times and thousands of people have reacted to it, since it was posted in September 2018.

"I don't want to have a pizza in 30 minutes at the cost of someone else's life!", began Roy's post, which went on to detail an incident involving him and a delivery man. Roy described an incident where the delivery person had a near miss accident, after he almost came under his car, while rushing to deliver the order on his bike. "I came out of my car, was really upset on him, I shouted at him, 'What is wrong with you? You would have died'. He replied with a lot of pain, 'Sir sorry, I have to deliver this order. I got delayed because of traffic, so I was rushing through.'" The alleged incident made Roy introspect and he said that he didn't want to 'support companies' who promised the customers free food, if their order is delayed. "I value and respect life", he added in his post.

The post has since been flooded with hundreds of supportive comments from Facebook users. The reactions on the post ranged from agreement to anger and some people called for making restaurants and food delivery chains realise the apparent pressure that delivery people are under. Do you think the deadline for food delivery should be done away with or do you think it's justified. Let us know in the comments below!

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