Video: Councillor Slams BJP Lawmaker For Calling Rahul Gandhi Pappu

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Sita Damor, the Banswara councillor, said the leader later apologised.


A Rajasthan BJP lawmaker landed in trouble by allegedly calling Congress president Rahul Gandhi 'pappu' at a gathering as a local councillor present there took offence and entered into an heated argument with the leader. The councillor was seen in a viral video demanding an apology from the leader for his comment.

The incident took place on Sunday when BJP MP Devajibhai allegedly referred to Mr Gandhi as 'pappu'. Sita Damor, the Banswara councillor from the Congress, took exception to the comment. The angry councillor was seen in the video yelling at the leader.

"There was a political meeting going on and I was also in the locality. There was a BJP MP who said 'Pappu ko bulao, Pappu gaddhe bharega' (call Pappu, he will fill up the potholes)," Mr Damor said.

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She claimed the BJP leader apologised for his comment.

#WATCH Congress Councillor Sita Damor confronts BJP MP Devajibhai over him allegedly calling Rahul Gandhi 'pappu' in Banswara, Rajasthan. Sita Damor says, "He said 'Pappu ko bulao,pappu gaddhe bharega'. It's wrong, so I objected. How can he call our Rahul Gandhi 'pappu'." (02.12)

— ANI (@ANI) December 3, 2018

BJP leaders and supporters often call Mr Gandhi 'pappu' on social media. Senior party leaders including its chief Amit Shah have mocked him by using the word.

Last year, a local Congress leader was sacked from all posts for addressing Mr Gandhi as "pappu" on the party's local WhatsApp group.

Earlier this year, Mr Gandhi, after giving a dramatic speech in parliament, hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi after saying he didn't hate him even as he calls him 'pappu'.

"You can abuse me, you can call me pappu, but I don't have a speck of hatred against you. I will take out this hatred out of you and turn it into love. I am the Congress," Mr Gandhi had said.

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