Upasana Singh escapes an unpleasant incident!

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Upasana Singh escapes an unpleasant incident! Upasana Singh escapes an unpleasant incident! Source : Press

Pinky Bua of Kapil Sharma's Comedy Nights With Kapil Upasana Singh has escaped an unpleasant incident recently.

She was shooting in Chandigarh when a taxi driver tried to molest her. "I was returning to my hotel from the last day of my shoot. Usually, the distance between my shoot location and hotel was covered in 45 minutes but that day it was over two hours and I was still on road. When I asked the driver he said he has lost the way."

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"Following this, I asked him to ask for the way in that case, but his response alerted me. I asked him to stop the car but he refused and later even deliberately messed up with the engine of the car. I warned him of consequences and called my family members and police. They reached on the spot and arrested the driver" she said in a statement.

She wanted to take stern action against the man but let him go after he issued an apology letter. When the Police interrogated the driver, he refused to accept his crime but later on confessed it.

Upasana was escorted by the police to her hotel in a separate vehicle.

Well, All well that ends well.

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