Tripura Drops “May Day” From Holiday List Sparking Criticism

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Opposition called the decision "anti-working class". (File)


The BJP-led Tripura government has dropped May Day or International Labour Day from its list of state's 'regular holidays' and scheduled it under 'restricted holidays', sparking criticism by the opposition CPI(M) in the state.

A notification issued by Under-Secretary S K Debbarma on Saturday said the government employees would be allowed to avail four holidays in a year from the list of 12 'restricted holidays', including the May Day.

Opposing the move, the CPI(M) demanded reinstatement of May Day in the list of the 'regular holidays'.

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The party, in a statement issued on Sunday, said, the move would "adversely affect the interests of working people as May Day signifies labour rights, which were earned through struggle".

Nripen Chakraborty, Tripura's first chief minister, included May Day in the list of 'government holidays' in 1978.

Terming the decision "anti-working class", former labour minister Manik Dey told reporters the BJP-IFPT government in state has no regard for the working class.

"The BJP-IPFT government's decision only goes on to show how they view workers and labourers. International Labour Day is observed around the world to mark liberation of the working class. I haven't heard of any other state in India dropping May Day from the list of state holidays," Dey said.

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