Top 10 New Year Resolutions For A Healthier 2019

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It's time to for us to start thinking about ways by which you can become healthier.

The year is coming to an end and we are getting close to the New Year. This means it is time to for us to start thinking about ways by which you can become healthier and ultimately happier. There are some simple habits you can do every day and which can have a huge impact on your overall health. These quick, smart and healthy lifestyle changes can do wonders for your overall well-being and health. Some simple and healthy New Year resolutions can be reading the nutritional labels before buying products from grocery store, eating well-balanced meals, managing stress levels and avoid binge eating.


The year is coming to an end and we are getting close to the New Year.
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Top 10 healthy habits for a healthier 2019:

1. Adequate sleep:

Lack of sleep can lead to many health problems like weight gain, weak immunity and effect the brain health as well. Adequate sleep of around eight hours is extremely important for the overall health.

2. Drink a glass or water first thing in the morning:

Sipping in a glass of water just before you wake up can do wonders for your health. It can aid in digestion, help you shed those extra kilos and make you feel active all day long. Therefore, every morning you should have a glass of water before your morning tea or coffee.

3. Regular physical exercise:

We all know the numerous health benefits of regular physical activity. But somehow, we tend follow a sedentary lifestyle. Try including some sort of physical exercise like walking, yoga, swimming, jogging or weight training. Physical activity can make you fit day by day.

4. Stretching:

Just before going to bed, some stretching exercises will be beneficial for your overall health. It will help tighten the muscles and strengthen them. These exercises can also prevent joint pain and tissue damage.

5. Meditation:

Meditation again is a healthy habit everyone should inculcate. It helps calm the mind, soul and body. In addition, it relaxes the body and manages stress levels.

6. Say no packaged goods:

Limit the intake of packaged or processed goods as these foods are laced with harmful preservatives and provide no nutritional value. Moreover, these foods can lead to weight gain and can be harmful for your overall health.

7. Do not skip breakfast:

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and therefore, should not be missed. A healthy breakfast will help you keep full, active and will curb your hunger pangs. Healthy and super-quick breakfast like eggs, oatmeal, sandwich or a protein smoothie can be eaten in the morning.

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8. Limiting refined sugar:

Refined sugar is the processed sugar and can be detrimental to your health. Avoid the consumption of this sugar as it will lead to weight gain or high blood sugar levels. You can opt for some healthy alternatives like jaggery, honey, coconut sugar and maple syrup. Although moderation is the key even when you consume these.

9. Fiber-rich diet:

A diet high in fiber can make a significant impact in your lives. It can promote weight loss, smooth digestion, healthy gut and manage diabetes. Your diet should always include fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.


A diet high in fiber can make a significant impact in your lives.
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10. Healthy weight:

A healthy weight can help you in many ways. Weight management is extremely important as it can protect you from several health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. In order to manage weight, you should focus on a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

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