To Highlight Achievements In Madhya Pradesh, BJP Ropes In Magicians

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The Madhya Pradesh assembly polls will be held on November 28.


A top magician in Hyderabad has been asked to send about 20 students from his school of magic to perform during election campaign in Madhya Pradesh.
Seeking a fourth straight term in the state, the ruling BJP is going all out to woo voters during the upcoming assembly polls.
The party has roped in magicians to highlight the work done by the government in the last 15 years, state BJP spokesman, Rajnish Agrawal said.
The magic shows will also highlight the "poor condition" of roads, electricity supply and basic amenities during the 10-year Congress government headed by Digvijaya Singh between 1993 and 2003 in the state, he said.
The party has shared the brief with Hyderabad-based Samala Venu's team, which is incorporating the messages to be conveyed through their shows.

"They have shared details on what they want to showcase as their achievements and what will be the talking points. We will stick to the facts but present them in an interesting format,'' Mr Venu told NDTV.

The magic shows are expected to happen before key speeches to draw more and more people.
The BJP had used similar activities during elections in UP and found them to be effective. So this time they decided to use magic shows in a big way and also use traditional media to reach out to the voters.
"We have plans to hire magicians for campaigning and publicity," Mr Agrawal said, adding that magic shows would be organised in rural and semi-urban areas.
The Madhya Pradesh assembly polls will be held on November 28 and counting of votes will take place on December 11.

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