This Low Fat, Protein-Rich Quinoa Salad Fits Perfectly In Any Weight Loss Diet (Recipe Video)


Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal grain, which is known for its nutrient composition.

If you are on a weight loss diet, then you must be including a lot protein-rich foods in your diet to shed a few kilos. There are many ways to sneak in protein in your diet like adding protein-rich foods to your soups, juices and lunch/dinner meals. Salad is another popular way of including protein in your weight loss diet. It goes without saying that salads are great for your overall health and they never fail to delight us. Be it a hot summer afternoon or just another day when you're craving something fresh and healthy. They're crunchy, light on the tummy and a colourful treat for sore eyes. They're also vibrant and extremely versatile. In fact, one of the most fascinating things about salads is the fact that there are no set rules to prepare them. You've got a wide variety of veggies to choose from, a long list of zingy sauces to play with and a medley of amazing spices to explore. You can also throw some fruits, vegetables or chicken into the mix for a more wholesome meal. But there is one superfood that has recently gained popularity in the word of fitness. We are talking about protein-rich quinoa.

Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal grain, which is known for its nutrient composition. It is one of the best protein-rich whole grains for weight loss. As per the USDA nutrition data, a 100-gm serving of quinoa contains 14 gm of protein and 7 gm of fibre. Both these nutrients are known to induce satiety, which controls our unwanted hunger pangs.

Here's a protein-rich quinoa salad recipe shared by famous YouTuber Manjula Jain on her YouTube channel 'Manjula's Kitchen'. So go ahead and loosen the reigns of your imagination. Cook up a brilliant salad with garden fresh veggies, quinoa and your favourite dressing to seal the deal.

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Weight Loss: How To Make Protein-Rich Quinoa Salad At Home:


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