This is how Dev and Sonakshi’s wedding card looks like!

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This is how Dev and Sonakshi's wedding card looks like! This is how Dev and Sonakshi's wedding card looks like! Source : Press

The current track of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, is all about love and Romance, we see sparks flying between Dev and Sonakshi as their families have agreed to get them married. After much of fighting and drama that took place between the Dixits and Boses, they have finally agreed to get the two married. For those who didn't know, before this, they had this track, where in Dev was seen all heartbroken on seeing Sona getting engaged to Ritvik, what followed was a drunken Dev, in Sona's engagement, leaving our Dr.Bose feeling all sympathetic for Dev. It was after that day, that Ishwari realized how much Dev loved Sona, and decided to go and talk about it to Sona's family. The families agreed, and here we have soon, their wedding ceremonies starting soon. But do you know how does the card look like? Well, catch a glimpse right here.


Isn't it adorable? We totally love the red and gold combo. Not to forget the Yummy sweets. Well, wo toh hona hi tha, after all what are bengali weddings without sweets?

While the two are all geared up preparing for the wedding, there is a big shock in upcoming episodes, with Sona's reports saying that she won't be ever able to concieve. Aww! Let's see how Ishwari reacts to this one. For now, we sure can't stop drooling over their wedding card.

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