“The Wall Is Coming”: Trump’s “Game Of Thrones” Hint At Mexico Border

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Donald Trump's wall is aimed at keeping Central American immigrants out of the US.


US President Donald Trump turned Thursday to "Game of Thrones" — a hit TV show that features a massive ice wall — to push for his controversial barrier on the Mexican border.

"THE WALL IS COMING," Trump wrote in a post on Instagram that featured the font from the show's title and his picture with a border barrier at the bottom.

"Winter is coming" is an iconic phrase from the show that has been fodder for a slew of memes, which Trump previously referenced in a tweet about impending sanctions on Iran.

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HBO, which airs "Game of Thrones," was unamused by the president's first nod to the program, saying in a statement carried by US media that it "would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes."

Trump's wall — a dispute over funding for which has led to a protracted shutdown of the US government — is aimed at keeping out Central American migrants fleeing poverty and rampant violence in their home countries.

The wall in the show — which has played a central if silent role in its eight-season run — ultimately fails when confronted by an undead dragon.

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