The ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ days are back with ‘Class of 2017’

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The 'Hip Hip Hurray' days are back with 'Class of 2017' The 'Hip Hip Hurray' days are back with 'Class of 2017' Source : Press

When was the last time we saw a good teenage drama show? The last one that I can recall is ‘Remix’ and well, going by that, it definitely has been a long time. Sad for this generation no? But maybe not! As Alt Balaji is back with one of its most awaited originals. The class of 2017. The show is a high school drama and traces the lives of the new GEN Z teenagers. At an age when hormones rule everything and judgment are under full confusion, there is often a chance that one's decision is hasty and wrong. And while dealing with these wrong decisions of the heart, school and peer pressure time and again, what if you realise that the hardest thing in life is fitting in and being accepted?

The show is relatable and sure a lot of teenagers will be able to connect to it. The show has some of the well-known actors on its poster. From Rohan Shah to Shweta Bajpai, this one will have a long fan following. The show will also feature popular vine maker Ashish Chanchalani. Not to forget the very promising actors Rohit Suchanti, Adhish Khanna, Anshuman Malhotra and Sarah Khatri.

The producer of the show Vikas Gupta said “Lost Boy Productions is excited to be associated with ALTBalaji. Class Of 2017 is a coming of age story of a set of teenagers who are discovering their identity; and finding the true meaning of friendship, life and love. The most crucial part of the show is its storytelling technique, the audience will see the world through the eyes and naivety of one character in each episode. I hope that viewers love the complex, funny and heart-warming stories of these post-millennials.”

How excited are we?

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