The Best Gully Boy Meme Has Come From Mumbai Police. Take A Look

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Mumbai Police's meme uses a dialogue from the Gully Boy trailer.

As a movie that has been set and shot largely in Mumbai, it's only fitting that the best meme from the Gully Boy trailer comes from Mumbai Police. Mumbai Police, well known for their witty tweets, shared a meme this morning which uses a dialogue from the Gully Boy trailer that was released yesterday. As with all their tweets, this one too contains an important message presented in a hilarious way.

The road safety meme uses Alia Bhatt's "Mar jayega tu (you'll die)" dialogue from the film's trailer – said in response to someone when they want to ride a motorcycle without wearing helmet.

"When he argues to ride a motorcycle without wearing helmet #SillyBoy" wrote Mumbai Police. Take a look:

When he argues to ride a motorcycle without wearing helmet

— Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) January 10, 2019

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The witty meme, which warns netizens that riding without a helmet is dangerous, has been widely appreciated online. Since being shared online about an hour ago, the meme has already collected over 1,000 'likes' and a ton of amused responses.

LoL please increase the salary of this handler for his /her creativity. .

— Shiva ram (@Shiva1989India) January 10, 2019

Too good !!!!

— Johnson Iype (@espnjohnsy) January 10, 2019

traffic awareness + movie promotion this twitter handle deserves applauds fr creativity

— Satish Khurd (@satish19997) January 10, 2019

Smart, isn't it?

Mumbai Police is not the only one using dialogues from the Gully Boy trailer to create hilarious memes. Here are some other Gully Boy memes to make you laugh out loud:

Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.

— SAGAR (@sagarcasm) January 9, 2019

Saw #GullyBoyTrailer & found this emoji →

— Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) January 9, 2019

When you look up your common cold symptoms on the internet
Google :

— SwatKat (@swatic12) January 9, 2019

Which meme do you like best? Let us know using the comments section below.

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