Tej Pratap Yadav Distributes LED Bulbs For Electric Lanterns

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Tej Pratap Yadav distributed LED bulbs across the state. (File Photo)


Tej Pratap Yadav on Wednesday embarked on a program for distribution of LED bulbs across the state with the remark that the lantern the ubiquitous poll symbol of the party founded by his father Lalu Prasad ran on electricity as well.

The LED bulbs distribution programme was launched at the party's state headquarters in Patna, on the sidelines of the daily Janta Durbar conducted by the maverick RJD leader where he listens to peoples grievances with the promise of on the spot redressal.

Both types of lanterns are available in the market – the ones running with the help of kerosene as well as those using power. It is for the latter type that we are giving away these bulbs, Mr Yadav told reporters as he gave away LED lights encased in packets bearing the image of his father and the party symbol.

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We want every nook and corner of Bihar illuminated with modern lanterns. Altogether 21,000 LED bulbs will be distributed across the state as part of our drive, Mr Yadav said.

In reply to a query, he said the law and order situation in the state makes even me feel scared, what to say of common hapless people. I often fear that some terrorist may lob a bomb at my Janata Durbar. I would urge Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to translate his claims of sushasan (good governance) into action.

The elder son of Lalu and former Chief Minister Rabri Devi, whose diction and mannerisms remind people of his father in his hey days, has been taking an active interest in the party's affairs for some time triggering speculations that he was feeling slighted by the growing clout of his younger brother Tejashwi Yadav.

Meanwhile, the ruling JD(U) headed by Nitish Kumar took potshots at the mercurial RJD leader, who had also served as a minister when the Grand Alliance was in power in the state.

Tej Pratap Yadav should thank Nitish Kumar as by virtue of his leadership Bihar has enough power for electric lanterns. Electricity had remained scarce during the 15-year-long RJD rule in the state, BJP spokesman Nikhil Mandal said.

Mr Mandal also criticized Mr Yadav for his comments on the law and order situation in the state, saying the people of Bihar can never forget the lawlessness for which the RJD rule had gained nation-wide notoriety.

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