Tamil Nadu Lawmaker Quotes Ramayan To Demand College In Constituency

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The AIADMK member was speaking during the question hour in the assembly. (File)


An AIADMK lawmaker in the state assembly today demanded a polytechnic college at Valliyur in his constituency, saying that when Lord Hanuman sought the blessings of Sita in the Ramayana at Asokavanam, she blessed him with two 'betel' leaves and said it would bring him victory.

When DMK member S Pugazhenthi questioned if this had anything to do with the supplementary question that the ruling member wanted to raise, Speaker P Dhanapal asked IS Inbadurai, representing Radhapuram (Tirunelveli District), to pose his question.

Quoting an excerpt from the Ramayana, Mr Inbadurai, during question hour, said Chief Minister K Palaniswami has got the "two leaves" (referring to AIADMK's two leaves symbol) and any scheme that will be announced today will be "victorious," as it is Hanuman Jayanthi.

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Though usually blessings are given by showering flowers or 'atchathai' (turmeric laced rice after prayers), Sita blessed Lord Hanuman with the leaves, since only that was available at the time, the lawmaker said.

Higher Education Minister KP Anbazhagan said the plea for a polytechnic college will be looked into if the enrollment ratio was high in that region.

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