“Superstitious” Thief Robbed Only On Tuesdays, Arrested In Hyderabad


Mohamed Sameer Khan was arrested with gold worth Rs 21 lakh (Representational)


A superstitious burglar, who used to strike only on Tuesdays because of his superstitious beliefs, and during the day because of his poor vision, has run out of luck as he along with his associate landed in the police net today.

Mohammed Sameer Khan and his accomplice Mohammed Shoaib were involved in a spate of robberies in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, police said.

Gold weighing about 700 gm, worth about Rs 21 lakh, was recovered from the two, commissioner of police, Hyderabad, Anjani Kumar told reporters.

"Mohammed Sameer Khan, whose ancestors belong to Afghanistan, has poor eyesight. Hence, he committed the thefts only during the day. Besides, he believed he will be successful if he struck only on Tuesdays and committed the crime along with his aide, who belongs to the city, every Tuesday," the police official said.

The two would go around on a motorcycle and target locked houses. One would wait outside a house while the other would break in and get whatever he could within a span of five to ten minutes, the official said.

The duo has been involved in over 30 cases in Telangana and in Bengaluru, he said.

They first met each other at a jail in Hyderabad, according to police.

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