Supermodel Baffles Instagram With Bizarre Optical Illusion. See It?

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Natalia Vodianova's pic appears to show her floating in air.

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova recently posted a stunning pic on Instagram – but all it did was confuse her fans and followers. The picture – a mirror selfie which shows her in a pink jumper – left netizens confused as it appears to show Natalia 'floating' in the air without any legs.

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Since being shared online four days ago, the picture has confused her 2.1 million followers and gathered a ton of comments asking her what happened to her legs.

"Magical picture! Where are your legs?" wrote one Instagram user. "What happened to your legs?" asked another.

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According to the Sun, one commenter explained that the bizarre optical illusion occurred as a result of Photoshopping the picture.

The commenter explained: "Mirror on the two doors sometimes gives this effect due to a different angle. Look closely, there is even a finger visible in the waist area. The shoulder area has been stretched. That is why the leg is not visible…"

However, others were of the opinion that the mirror itself was to blame, not Photoshop. Mirror reports that one Instagram user explained that Natalia's left leg had blended with the dark armchair in the background, while her right leg was distorted by the edges of the two mirrors, making it appear as if she was without legs.

This is not the first time that somebody's legs have become viral optical illusions. In February this year, another mirror selfie had gone viral on the Internet as it appeared to show a woman with very, very thin legs. Before that, the shiny legs optical illusion had gone massively viral too.

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