Stay Active With This Healthy And Nutrient-Rich Lunch Bowl

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In a fast-paced life, almost all of us are guilty of skipping our meals. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, our work commitments and strict deadlines tend to keep our meals at the back of our priority list. However, practising this for long can end up causing a toll on our health to a great extent. In order to perform efficiently at work, it is essential to stay active. A healthy lunch can keep you active all-day long. A bowlful of beets, potatoes, horseradish, onions and herring could help maintain your heart and brain health.

According to the book 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, "Coldwater oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and herring, are rich in omega-3 and other essential fatty acids good for heart and brain health and for keeping joint flexible." Mix cured or pickled herring with cooked root vegetables, such a potato (capable of building reserves of energy) and beets (particularly good for the heart and circulation). Horseradish in the meal bowl acts as a natural antibiotic, which is known to have decongestant properties.

Herring is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B; whereas, beets are highly nutritious source of magnesium, iron and betaine for cardiovascular health. According to 'Healing Foods', "Onions contain phytochemical compounds allium and allyl disulphide that have anti-cancer and blood-sugar-regulating properties, while quercetin helps prevent heart disease."

Add in dressing of your choice to this meal bowl and savour this delight. However, avoid dressings that contain mayonnaise in them as they might end up making you feel lethargic and sleepy, due to their high-fat content.

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