South Korean women are destroying their cosmetics to fight unrealistic beauty standards

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South Korean women, escape the corset movement, South Korean women are destroying their make-up. (Source: Pixabay)

In an interesting turn of events, women in South Korea have actively taken to social media and are voicing their views about the country’s stringent and unrealistic beauty standards. Termed ‘Escape the corset’, the movement is fast gaining ground.

This comes as a huge surprise as, reportedly, South Korea has a massive beauty industry and according to a report published in Independent in 2017, it was estimated at just over £10 billion. That apart, cosmetic surgery is very popular in this Asian country with Seoul being one of the leading skin care markets in the world which offers a range of facial masks and beauty regime products.

In South Korea, flawless feminine beauty is often considered as one of the key factors for a successful career and relationships. These expectations, in turn, end up compelling women to spend hours on make-up regimes followed by lengthy and tedious skincare routines.

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Earlier on, fighting these prevalent norms, beauty blogger and YouTuber, Lina Bae posted a video in June 2018 on YouTube that soon broke the internet. In the video titled, ‘I am not pretty’ she took off her fake lashes and heavy make-up to fight the unrealistic beauty standards women are often expected to keep up with.

“Women are forced to wear a corset that makes one wake up an hour or two earlier to get ready. Some are even pressured to wear make-up to the supermarket because of the insecurities of their bare face. Especially, in the workplace, if women do not focus on their appearance and decide to go bare face, co-workers would comment “you really don’t care about your looks”, “you look sick”, “you know its actually considered to be a courtesy to wear make-up in workplace”, she said.

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