Sari that can be draped in 5 seconds? This designer shows you how to do it

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Sari, as it is known, is perhaps the most versatile outfit. You can style it in different ways but there are many who complain about how cumbersome the process of draping it is. In case you too are one of them then you would be relieved to know that designers are experimenting with their creations to ease the process.

Take the example of designer Purushu Arie who has designed a sari that can be draped in five seconds. Yes, you read that right. Known as the Armhole sari, it can be draped in no time at all and with very little effort. All one has to do is slip in their arm and it is done! Apart from saving time, it has other benefits – one of them being, you no longer will have to worry about pinning it to the blouse.

It is a size-neutral garment and can be worn by more than four different clothing sizes.

Watch the video here.

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“The armhole sari was first created as part of my graduate design collection at NIFT New Delhi. At my graduation show, the audience broke into spontaneous applause in middle of the show when the armhole sari was presented on ramp. That thrill from backstage is a moment I carried on and I developed the style further. As a designer, it’s my job to offer simplified solutions for real life. Not every Indian knows how to drape a sari – but that statement won’t apply any longer,” the designer said.

If this does not inspire you to drape a sari, then what will?

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