Sabarimala Temple Opens Today, 2,300 Security Personnel Deployed

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The police have banned gatherings of four or more people at Sabarimala.

New Delhi:

Weeks after violent protests against the entry of women of menstruating age hit the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala, the shrine will open today for two days. A massive security has been put in place in anticipation of protests. Around 2,300 security personnel, including a 20-member commando team and 100 women, have been called in to maintain order. It is the second time that the temple will open after the Supreme Court allowed women of all ages to enter the shrine.

The police banned gatherings of four or more people at Sabarimala and nearby areas on Saturday. It is expected to open at 5 pm today for a special puja due tomorrow and will close at 10 pm after it. Meanwhile, protestors have begun gathering at Nilakkal base camp.

Here are the live updates on Sabarimala Temple:

Nov 05, 201809:38 (IST)A large number of women police is also present at Sabarimala.
Nov 05, 201809:21 (IST)Devotees have begun the trek from Nilakkal base camp to Sabarimala Temple. The temple will open today evening and will be closed after the 'Athazha puja' tomorrow evening.

Nov 05, 201809:12 (IST)Heavy security has been put in place.
Nov 05, 201809:09 (IST) Devotees have begun to gather at Nilakkal base camp as Sabarimala Temple is set to open today.No more content CommentsSource Article

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