‘Re-Introduce No-Detention Policy After Systematic Change’: Manish Sisodia

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Manish Sisodia applauds the scrapping of No-Detention policy

New Delhi:

In a series of tweets, Manish Sisodia, the Delhi Education Minister, lauded the move to remove the no detention policy but also said that it should be reintroduced after 'having a full proof systematic change in education sector'. He also called for a change in the course work, assessment methods and curriculum currently followed in schools.

In his tweets, Manish Sisodia highlighted that an overhaul of education system in India was long pending and said that the policy could be re-introduced in 10 years after making necessary changes which could include a revision of the curriculum, change in teaching systems, training of teachers, and other measures required for proper implementation of the policy.

Rolling back no-detention a welcome move, but we should reintroduce it after having a full proof systemic change in education sector.

— Education Minister (@Minister_Edu) January 5, 2019

He also said that though the government is setting learning outcomes for each chapter that is taught to children the actual teaching takes place with exam outcomes in the mind.

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"The teacher who is teaching the subject does not keep learning outcomes in mind and rather his or her mindset becomes captive of the questions asked in last five years in the subject. We must change the approach towards the exams; they should be based on learning outcome," read one of his tweets.

He also suggested that NCERT textbooks should be revised since the challenges faced today by the society are no longer the same as a decade ago. The curriculum should be redesigned and changed according to the need of the time.

"On the same lines, we must make changes to our NCERT books so that our future, so that our kids are more equipped to excel in the world," he said.

The Parliament passed the bill to remove no detention policy on Thursday. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Bill, 2019 scraps the no detention policy till class 8th in order to improve learning outcomes. The Bill, however, does empower state governments to either scrap or retain no detention policy.

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