Rare Two-Headed Snake Found In Couple’s Home, Now On Display For Public

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A picture of the two-headed snake was shared on Facebook.

A wild-born two-headed copperhead snake was recently found by a Kentucky couple in their yard, and will now be put on display at the state's wildlife centre. According to the Northern Kentucky Tribune, the "extremely rare" snake was donated by a Leslie County couple to the Salato Wildlife Education Center. It was born earlier this month. "Both heads move, both sets of eyes move, and both tongues are functional," said the Salato Wildlife Education Center in the comments section of their viral Facebook post where they shared pictures of the two-headed copperhead.

On October 18, the center announced that the venomous snake will be put on display for public viewing for the first time, as long as it appears to be in good health.

"Considering the complicated nature of this animal, the health of this snake is our utmost concern. As long as it remains stable, the two-headed copperhead will be available for public viewing…" they announced in their Facebook post.

Since being shared online three days ago, the post has generated a lot of interest on social media, collecting over 1,800 'shares' and a ton of comments.

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"I may encounter a two-headed snake in the wild every two or three years but a two-headed copperhead is a first for me," said Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources State Herpetologist John MacGregor, to the Northern Kentucky Tribune.

The copperhead is one of four species of venomous snakes found in Kentucky.

Though two-headed copperheads are said to be extremely rare, another one was found last month in Virginia.

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