Pro Kabaddi 2017 Highlights, Jaipur Pink Panthers vs UP Yoddha Highlights: Rishank creates history, scores 3 Super 10; Yoddha win 53-32

Pro Kabaddi 2017 : In their last home game of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, the Jaipur Pink Panthers locked horns against UP Yoddha as a part of the Inter-Zone Wildcard fixture at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium.

Pro Kabaddi 2017 : In their last home game of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, the Jaipur Pink Panthers locked horns with UP Yoddha as a part of the Inter-Zone Wildcard fixture at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium. Yoddha beat Panthers 53-32. Rishank has scored 28 massive points in match. With just one win in the last five encounters, the Pink Panthers would have liked to have ended their home leg on a high, but that was not to be. The team was out of the race for the playoffs and Manjeet Chillar and team was expected to play more freely on the court. But their strategies backfired right from start. UP Yoddha, on the other hand, needed to win this game to grab a playoff position. Their hopes lay on the dynamic skipper Nitin Tomar who spearhead the attack alongside Rishank Devadiga. And it was the latter who emerged the Yoddha trump card – he scored 3 Super 10 and created history! Their nder check.defence was manned by a quartet featuring Jeeva Kumar, Sagar Krishna and Nitesh Kumar in either corner. They held the Panthers raiders under control.

Here are Jaipur Pink Panthers vs UP Yoddha Live score updates:-

9:01 pm MATCH OVER! Yoddha beat Panthers 53-32! Rishank scores 28 massive points in match!

9:01 pm Last raid of match by Panthers.

9:00 pm Now Yoddha in attack and the raider is trapped.

8:59 pm Panthers win 1 point on raid.

8:57 pm Finally, Panthers trap Yoddha raider and follow it up by scoring point on raid; score 53-30. Just 1 min to go end of match

8:55 pm Rishank has scorred 28 points so far with 2:35 mins to go and that is exactly how many Panthers have scored as a team.

8:52 pm Has he created history? Rishank gets 4 points in raid. He scores 3rd super 1o of match; score 51-27.

8:51 pm Rishank has just scored 24th raid point in match score 47-26.

8:50 pm With 4 mins to go, Yoddha lead; Score 46-26

8:49 pm Kamal trapped in raid more trouble for Panthers; score 46-26

8:48 pm In next raid by panthers leads to team, being all out. This is third time in match; score 45-26

8:47 pm Rishank gets another big points for team, takes score to 25-43.

8:44 pm In do or die raid, Santhosh picks up 2 points.

8:41 pm Devadiga sets record for highest point on raid in this Pro kabaddi season; Score 24-38 for Yoddha.

8:40 pm Pawan’s ankle grab brings him down. Yoddha gets 1 point, score 22-37 for Jaipur.

8:38 pm Devadiga scores massive 3 points.

8:37 pm Rawal is shining toinght for Panthers, scores 1 point.

8:36 pm Tushar gets in a touch scores point for UP.

8:34 pm Score 31-20 for Yoddha.

8:33 pm Devadiga gets successful raid, scores 1 point for Yoddha.

8:32 pm Panthers score 2 points. Yoddha raider gets trapped.

8:31 pm Yoddha gets 1 point.

8:30 pm Pawan on raid. He gets out.

8:24 pm Pawan in last raid of half make massive impact, gets one defender out; score 28-16

8:23 pm Another Yoddha raider trapped; score 21-15.

8:22 pm Nitin gets bonus point for Yoddha.

8:21 pm Finally Rishank trapped on do or die raid. Score 28-13

8:20 pm Pawan trapped by Yoddha. Score 28-12.

8:19 pm Big fail by Tushar as he gets trapped by Yoddha; score 27-12.

8:18 pm Rishank has 15 raid points in the match, with 17 mins gone.

8:17 pm Pawan gets two points on raid; score 26-12

8:16 pm Nitin on raid for Panthers, avoids block, scores point. Score 25-10

8:15 pm Rishank gets another point with toe touch; score 25-9.

8:14 pm: Pawan on raid but does not score.

8:13 pm Yoddha score another 3 pointer; Panthers all out. Score 23-9.

8:12 pm Super 10 for Rishank and he converts it into a super raid; score 18-9.

8:11 pm Jaipur trying to fight back Yoddha but not scorring big pints; score 15-9 with 9 mins to go.

8:11 pm With 11 mins to go to half time, score 13-9.

8:10 pm Tushar makes points scoring raid.

8:09 pm Pawan finally makes telling raid, get another point, score 12-5 for Yoddha.

8:08 pm Surender scores another point Yoddha; score 12-4.

8:07 pm Rishank in fiery form today gets another point for Yoddha.

9:08 pm Yoddha earn one 1 easy point.

8:07 pm Panthers get 1 more point on raid. Score 9-3.

8:05 pm: Panthers all out, in just two mins; score 9-1

8:04 pm Yoddha make it worse fpr Panthers as they trap the next raider

8:03 pm Massive super raid by Yoddha, get 4 points. Score 4-1.

8:02 pm Pawan on 1st raid of match for Panthers gets 1 ponit.

8:01 pm Surender Singh makes 1st raid of the match for Yoddha, gets no points.

8:00 pm Panthers win toss, choose court.

7:52 pm:

The Panthers have lined up for their final game at home. Here are the Panthers who will face the Yoddhas in a few minutes. #RoarForPanthers

— Jaipur Pink Panthers (@JaipurPanthers) October 12, 2017

7:40 pm

The #RoarForPanthers has been loud in the Matchday Panga, as the home team fans have defeated @UpYoddha‘s here! Onto #JAIvUP on the mat now!

— ProKabaddi (@ProKabaddi) October 12, 2017

7:37 pm

Who do you think will be our main strength tonight? #YoddhaHum #JAIvUP #TataYodhaOfTheDay

— UP YODDHA (@UpYoddha) October 12, 2017

7:30 PM:

अपनी रेडिंग का प्रदर्शन करने और Yoddhas को कड़ी टक्कर देने आ रहे है Smiling Assassin @jasvir02. #RoarForPanthers #VivoProKabaddi #JAIvUP

— Jaipur Pink Panthers (@JaipurPanthers) October 12, 2017

7:03 PM:

Catch all the madness of Golmaal Again on @ProKabaddi at 7:30 pm on @StarSportsIndia. Join me live on Oct 13!

— Parineeti Chopra (@ParineetiChopra) October 12, 2017

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7:00 PM:

Golmaal Again’s cast are set to raid riot as @ParineetiChopra gears up for the Pune leg. Catch them on #KBDLive at 7:30 PM on Star Sports.

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