Prannoy Roy, Arvind Subramanian On Banking, Farmer Crises: Highlights

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Arvind Subramanian (right), in conversation with Prannoy Roy.

New Delhi:

Former Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian speaks to NDTV's Prannoy Roy on a range of issues in front of the Indian economy today. From the bad debt crisis in the banking sector to the growing agrarian distress, the Dr Subramanian weighs in on the good, bad and ugly of Asia's third-largest economy.

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Dec 08, 201820:13 (IST) Was the IL&FS crisis India's Lehman Brothers moment? "Not really. India is a resilient economy. The crisis is not big enough," Arvind Subramanian said.
Dec 08, 201820:11 (IST)Arvind Subramanian says though there was a delayed response on part of the RBI in tackling the mounting bad debt. However, the former Chief Economic Advisor praises how ex-RBI governor Raghuram Rajan handled the situation.
Dec 08, 201820:10 (IST)The government deserves credit for a the new bankruptcy law, says Arvind Subramanian
Dec 08, 201820:07 (IST)India's bad debt problem is bigger than earlier thought:
Dec 08, 201820:06 (IST)Arvind Subramanian says the bad loans problem has been festering for a while now. "About 8-9 years and counting," says Dr Subramanian.
Dec 08, 201820:05 (IST)The three underlying problems in front of India's economy today are:
Dec 08, 201820:04 (IST)Here's what we are going to discuss in the programme today, says Prannoy Roy
– The underlying problems in front of the economy
– A look at the various sectors; and
– A look forward
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