Prannoy Roy Analyses BJP-JDU Chemistry, Bihar Mahagathbandhan’s Chances

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Prannoy Roy and his team analyse crucial questions in Bihar on The Countdown

New Delhi:

Will the ruling Janata Dal (United) manage to pull off a win this time as well? Or the Rashtriya Janata Dal with Tejashwi Yadav, the political heir of Lalu Yadav, manage to bag votes? Will the mahagathbandhan win in the state or the BJP-JDU combine emerge victorious? From coalition to caste, Prannoy Roy and his team analyse crucial questions on The Countdown tonight and bring you exclusive interviews with Tejashwi Yadav, BJP rebel-turned-Congress's star recruit Shatrughan Sinha, and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi.

Here are the highlights of today's episode of 'The Countdown':

May 16, 201921:36 (IST)Number of women candidates in parties lower than men despite better chances of winning

May 16, 201921:35 (IST)Despite a sharp increase in women voters, the number of women elected to Lok Sabha remains very low
May 16, 201921:32 (IST)Women voter turnout has seen a sharp rise in Bihar over the years
May 16, 201921:32 (IST)In a first, turnout of women was as high as that of men across India
May 16, 201921:19 (IST) Prannoy Roy: Sir you say, you say Nitish is your natural ally
Sushil Modi: Yes
Prannoy Roy: But he has different, totally different views from you, totally different ideology, how can you say natural, is it just arithmetic
Sushil Modi: No in governance, in governance you do not require any ideology
Sushil Modi: What is our ideology in building roads? In providing electricity?
Prannoy Roy: But in dividing the society along caste lines, along religious lines, that is not good.
Sushil Modi: No, in Bihar..Today, those from Congress are doing that. Sidhu came to Bihar and…
Prannoy Roy: I am not saying but he has different ideology, how is it natural ally?
Sushil Modi: no so.. Natural because in his governance he is honest, he is a visionary and he is a hard working guy
Prannoy Roy: He doesn't stand up when there's Vande Mataram
Sushil Modi: Even I haven't stood up many times.
Prannoy Roy: You don't? Why? Why?
Sushil Modi: I am not talking about belief.
Prannoy Roy: But this is about belief
Sushil Modi: Is Vande Mataram played in Parliament or not?
Prannoy Roy: Yes, it is.
Sushil Modi: Vande Mataram is played on the concluding day of Parliament session. What does MIM do at that time? What does Nitish do at that time?
Prannoy Roy: Up to you but I am saying why don't you stand up?
Sushil Modi: A lot of the times, we are not able to stand up.
Prannoy Roy: Why? Because you are a milder man. You have no hatred in you.
Sushil Modi: No. Not because of anything else
Prannoy Roy: But hatred is an issue in this election
Sushil Modi: What's the harm in raising Vande Mataram?
Prannoy Roy: I am just saying hatred in this election
Sushil Modi: No, If they don't stand, is it an issue?
NDTV Reporter: But do you think it should be thrust? Do you think it should be thrust on anyone
Prannoy Roy: So nobody.. So nobody needn't stand up?
Sushil Modi: On NDTV make it an issue. In Bihar it is not an issue, nobody knows also.
NDTV Reporter: But do you think it should be thrust upon anyone?
Sushil Modi: No nobody is thrusting anything
Prannoy Roy: Nobody should be thrust
May 16, 201921:17 (IST)“You cannot force anybody”: BJP’s Sushil Modi on standing up for Vande Mataram

WATCH | "You cannot force anybody": BJP's Sushil Modi on standing up for Vande Mataram

– NDTV (@ndtv) May 16, 2019

May 16, 201921:17 (IST)Decoding the caste factor in Bihar

#TheCountdown: Decoding the caste factor in

– NDTV (@ndtv) May 16, 2019

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May 16, 201921:16 (IST)“Nitish Kumar is a natural ally because he is an honest leader and a visionary in governance,” says BJP’s Sushil Modi

#TheCountdown | "Nitish Kumar is a natural ally because he is an honest leader and a visionary in governance," says BJP's Sushil Modi

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May 16, 201921:09 (IST)Sushil Modi speaks to NDTV
May 16, 201921:07 (IST)BJP-JD(U) combo can resist large negative swing in votes, shows Prannoy Roy’s analysis
May 16, 201921:06 (IST)BJP-JD(U) – opposites, but good electoral math
May 16, 201921:05 (IST)Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) smallest but could be decisive factor in Bihar

May 16, 201921:04 (IST)BJP-JD(U) alliance has a stronger base in Bihar
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