PM Seeks Feedback On His NaMo App, ‘Mahagathbandhan’ Features In Survey

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"How do you rate the performance of the Modi government": PM Narendra Modi mobile app asks

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed for "direct feedback" from citizens through a survey launched on his "Narendra Modi or NaMo" app. The detailed survey, spread across nine tabs, asks people to rate the government, local BJP leaders and even whether they think the "mahagatbandhan" in their area will work.

"I want your direct feedback through the survey on the NaMo app. Your feedback matters. Your feedback on various issues will help us take important decisions," PM Modi says in a video appeal posted on Facebook and Twitter.

"Will you all fill that survey and also urge others to do so," the prime minister asks.

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BJP leaders say the survey is important as it will not only determine the party's issues for the general election, but will also play a part in the selection of candidates; parliamentarians may also be dropped if they are poorly rated, say sources.

The survey begins by asking respondents to rate the government on various promises like – affordable health care, "farmer prosperity", corruption-free governance, Swachh Bharat, national security, economy, infrastructure creation, uplifting the poor and marginalised, job opportunities and rural electrification.


The survey begins by asking respondents to rate the government on various promises

"How do you rate the performance of the Modi government," it asks.

Other questions are:

1. Which of the following issues is prime consideration when you are voting – cleanliness, employment, education, law and order, price rise, corruption, farmer welfare.

2. Name three most popular BJP leaders in your constituency.

3. Do you think the working culture of the government of India is improving? ('yes' or 'no' question)

4. Are you feeling more optimistic than before about India's future?

5. Do you see any impact of the proposed mahagatbandhan in your constituency?

6. Will you be interested in volunteering for the BJP?

7. Have you donated to the BJP?

8. Have you got NaMo merchandise?

PM Modi's appeal reflects the ruling party's attempt to amp up its campaign for re-election in the national election due by May after its recent state poll defeats and in the face of the relentless Rafale attacks from Congress president Rahul Gandhi and a resurgent opposition uniting against the BJP.

The loss of big states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh and exiting allies have chipped away at the BJP's perceived invincibility in polls.

The NaMo app also offers BJP and PM Modi merchandise like T-shirts (with the message NaMo Again) and mugs, and seeks donations and volunteers.

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