“PM Modi’s Interview Was A One-Sided Clarification,” Says Mayawati

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PM Modi's interview failed to kindle new aspirations, Mayawati said. (File)


BSP president Mayawati on Wednesday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for justifying the alleged failures of his government and party in a "one-sided" interview that "failed" to kindle new aspirations.

"Instead of adopting necessary sensitivity and honesty on raging issues concerning peoples welfare and national interest, Modi's interview was a one-sided clarification (on behalf) of his government and party which failed to kindle new aspirations," the BSP chief said in a press release issued in Lucknow.

In the interview to news agency ANI on Tuesday, PM Modi talked about a host of issues including surgical strike, construction of Ram temple and personal attacks on him by the Congress.

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PM Modi had also accused the Congress leadership of politicising and delaying the legal process in clearance of Ram temple construction.

"The BJP is still under the impression that all its decisions are being applauded by the people," the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief said, adding that the nation and its people will not benefit from the "egoistical attitude" of the top leadership of the BJP.

"Even though it (BJP) lost power in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, it is on par with the winning Congress on vote percentage and this proved that the egoistical attitude of the top leadership of the BJP was intact and will go only after defeat in the Lok Sabha polls," the release said.

Referring to some of the National Democratic Alliance partners parting ways with the BJP, she said those who are still an ally of the BJP were not happy with the its "narrow-minded approach".

"With 'janata' (people) leaving the BJP, it has become 'Bharatiya Party' now and this will be proved in the coming Lok Sabha elections," Mayawati added.

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