PM Modi Made No Mention Of Promises From 2014 Elections: Sharad Yadav

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The masses were tired and "devastated", Sharad Yadav said. (File photo)

New Delhi:

Opposition leader Sharad Yadav attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday for making no mention of the BJP's promises to the people in his recent interview, accusing his government of not fulfilling a single assurance he had given during the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

"After hearing the interview of the prime minister with utmost attention, I regret to say that there was no mention with regard to the promises made by the BJP before the general election of 2014," Mr Yadav said in a statement.

People had voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) because of the "lucrative promises" made by PM Modi, but his government had not honoured even one of those, he added.

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The masses were tired and "devastated", Mr Yadav said.

Bringing black money back and depositing Rs 15 lakh in the bank account of each citizen, giving employment to two crore youngsters every year, curbing corruption and giving farmers 50 per cent more money than their production cost were among the key promises made by PM Modi, he pointed out.

"Everybody has understood that this government is for big people and not for the farmers, tribals, Dalits, backward people, labourers, minorities and the poor. They are all upset and have made up their minds to throw the BJP out of power," Mr Yadav said.

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