PM Modi Asks BJP Workers To Engage First-Time Voters In Discussion

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PM Modi said youth formed the core of the endeavour of building India's destiny.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday asked BJP workers to engage youth, particularly the first-time voters, in discussions to showcase what his government has done for the country since 2014.

He said the BJP alone understood the aspirations of youth and was working hard to build an India of their dreams.

"The youth does not believe in negativity but believe in positivity. We have a lot of positive work to show. Talk to the youth about the work we have done for AP and across the country," the prime minister told BJP workers of Andhra Pradesh during and interaction through video-conference as part of the Mera Booth Sabse Mazboot outreach programme.

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PM Modi said democracy was a festival of "creating our own future" and youth formed the core of the endeavour of building India's destiny.

Noting that Lok Sabha elections later this year were special in the sense that those born in the 21st Century would get to exercise their franchise for the first time, PM Modi said they should be "welcomed with great joy".

"They have a chance to participate in the festival of democracy. They have a chance to decide what direction the nation should take," he said.

In order to establish a deeper connect with the youth, it was important to understand them, the prime minister said.

"The negativity and negative propoganda do not matter much to them," PM Modi said, apparently taking a swipe at his rivals.

"The best quality of youth is that they will ask questions. Discuss openly with them as equals and they will trust you. Youth have ambitions. Talk to them about our strong development and prosperous nation," he told the BJP workers.

Observing that discussion drives democracy, the prime minister said youth cared for development.

"The youth wants good infrastructure, likes technology. Ask them who is building a digital India. Youth hates corruption. Ask who is working hard to make India corruption-free," he said.

The BJP's state unit president Kanna Lakshminarayana, former Union minister Daggubati Purandeswari, MLCs Somu Veerraju, P V N Madhav, MLA P Manikyala Rao and other leaders joined the hour-long interaction from different towns.

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