Penis Wine, Fried Tarantula: Gross Delicacies At Disgusting Food Museum

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Human beings, by virtue of being at the top of the food chain, can eat anything and everything. Apart from meats from all kinds of animals, we have also started considering the possibility of eating creepy crawlies in the future. But there's one place in Sweden that is taking food to new heights of gross. The newly opened Disgusting Food Museum has curated foods and drinks derived from the most vomit inducing things imaginable. Think mouse wine, bull penises and fried tarantulas. If you have a weak stomach and a low tolerance level for 'unorthodox' foods, you might want to stop reading right about now. From the well-known disgusting foods like the stinky fruit Durian from Thailand to the bizarre and uber disgusting novelty dishes like roasted guinea pigs from Peru and maggot infested cheese from Sardinia, you can find it all at the Disgusting Foods Museum.

For the more experimental gastronomes, the museum can open up a whole new world of flavours and tastes. The idea behind the Disgusting Food Museum in fact was to remove the stigma around foods consumed by various cultures. The museum stands for the belief that no food should be judged to be gross or unsavoury, as it is consumed by certain communities in some parts of the world. Dr. Samuel West, the founder of the museum, said, "What we find disgusting has to be learned – it's purely cultural,". From wine connoisseurs to people who favour fermented foods, there's something for every type of experimental and adventurous food lover.

The museum features a drink called the 'Three Penis Wine', which is made from the phalluses of deer, seal and Cantonese black dog. Other items on offer at The Disgusting Food Museum include the relatively tame Jell-o-Salad to a little more outrageous Spicy Rabbit Heads. They also feature the Japanese fermented soyabean dish Natto to the famously expensive Kopi Luwak, which is prepared from beans picked from the excrement of the Asian Palm civet. If you have a friend who is known to be particularly adventurous and feels like they can eat anything, you can direct them to this museum in Sweden, to really test out their limits!

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