Painting Bought At Thrift Store Sold For Over 30,000 Euros

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The pointillist work by Dutch artist Johan Aarts fetched over 30,000 euros

A man in Netherlands is living every bargain hunter's dream after buying a painting for 75 euros and selling it for over 30,000 euros. RTL News reports that Henk Laarmans bought a painting at a thrift store for 75 euros (approximately Rs 6,000) and took it to an expert at Tussen Kunst and Kitsch. The painting was there recognised as a valuable one – a pointillist work by Dutch artist Johan Aarts.

On Monday, the thrift store find was sold at an auction for over 30,000 euros – that's more than Rs 24 lakhs.

Identified as a piece called A Sunny Day in the Dunes, the pointillist painting – a work created by a series of painted dots – was described by auctioneer Piet van Winden as "a delightful stop between Van Gogh and Mondriaan." According to NL Times, he also pointed out that the Netherlands only has a few artists that "courted" pointillism, including Van Gogh, Toorop, Vijlbrief and Aarts.

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The painting was purchased by "a large Dutch collector" who does not wish to be identified, and Mr Laarmans is pleased with the proceeds of the sale.

A similar incident occurred in April this year when a painting by Dutch painter Otto van Veen, found buried in the bottom of a closet, turned out to be worth millions.

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