No Proof Of Sedition Against Aligarh Students In Early Probe: Police

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14 students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) were charged with sedition.



  1. Charges against 14 students to be dropped in case of no evidence: Cops
  2. Eight students have been suspended by the university pending inquiry
  3. BJP leader claims he and his associates were shot at by AMU students

The police in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh said there is no evidence of sedition in the early investigation against 14 students of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) who were charged with sedition yesterday. The charges will be dropped if there is no evidence to back the claim, the police said.

The students were charged after a local BJP leader alleged in a police complaint that they had indulged in violence and shouted anti-India slogans outside the main gate of the institution the previous day. Eight of these students have been suspended by the university pending inquiry.

The politician, Mukesh Kumar Lodi, claimed in his complaint to the police that he and his associates were shot at and assaulted by AMU students outside the campus main gate because their motorcycles sported BJP stickers. He also accused the students of shouting slogans favouring Pakistan over India in the course of the violence.

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The police, however, said the video submitted by the complainant does not show the students raising objectionable slogans.

Tensions rose in the university yesterday after the students were booked under the sedition law. Rapid Action Force personnel were deployed around the campus amid protests, and a motorcycle belonging to an ABVP member was set afire, the news agency quoted a senior police officer as saying. The main approach road to the university campus at IG Khan crossing was also closed to prevent any untoward incident, it added.

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