No More Bollywood Plans For Gabriella Demetriades. Here’s Why

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Gabriella Demetriades was last seen in Sonali Cable (Image courtesy gabriellademetriades)

New Delhi:

Model-actress Gabriella Demetriades, who was seen in Sonali Cable, says she didn't enjoy working in Bollywood, and holds no aspiration to make a career in the Hindi film industry. "I didn't enter Bollywood. I did just one film. Honestly, I didn't love the experience in it. So, I didn't want to do another film," Gabriella told IANS.

"So, I made my way back into the fashion space because that is where I feel most comfortable," added the model, who is hosting an AXN Original series Twinning.

Explaining her decision further, she said: "There will be no Bollywood venture unless I am styling or doing costumes for a film. I don't think I have any goals to be in Bollywood films especially in Hindi."

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"Because I think what happens with foreigners is that they feel like they have to act in Hindi. It is very difficult because acting is one thing and speaking in another language is another thing. And those two don't go hand in hand," Gabriella said.

"If I was approached by Netflix or an Indian produced project for an English speaking role, then I might consider," added the model of South African descent.

Gabriella, who is said to be dating Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal, has her own fashion label. She loves the concept of her TV show Twinning, aired on AXN.

Gabriella along with Erika Packard give viewers different looks and fashion tips stemming from their unique sensibilities and individual style.

"It is interesting to have two voices on one subject. We get two perspectives which are very relatable. It is an easy show to watch, follow and learn from," she said.

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