NDTV Group And Broadcast Both Declare Profit For Q2

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• The NDTV Group and NDTV Limited (its Broadcast Operations) are declaring a profit for the quarter ending September 30, marking a big turnaround from the same time last year.

• The strong operational profits or EBITDA in both companies make this the best Q2 for them in 14 years.

• NDTV's broadcast operations have declared a profit of 19 lakhs. The EBITDA or operating profit is 6.32 crores as compared to a loss of 9.12 crores for the same time last year.

• The operating costs for the broadcast operations or NDTV Limited Standalone have reduced by 26.27 crores YoY (year-on-year) and by nearly 7.4 crores since the first quarter of this year.

• The profit at the group level is 59 lakhs. The NDTV Group EBITDA is 11.70 crores, a turnaround of 21.49 crores YoY. EBITDA losses for the same quarter last year were 9.79 crores.

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• NDTV Convergence, the company's digital arm, recorded its best-ever Q2 with the highest revenue for this period; traffic has grown by 45 percent over the same period last year; ndtv.com is India's biggest news website (source: SimilarWeb, September 2018) with a larger audience than international big-hitters like Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post.

• NDTV Convergence has launched HOP, the world's first live channel for mobile phones shot and streamed entirely in portrait mode.

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