Nana Patekar slammed media for Pratyusha’s suicide hype


Nana Patekar slammed media for Pratyusha's suicide hype Nana Patekar slammed media for Pratyusha's suicide hype Source : Press

One more famous celebrity has decided to comment on Pratyusha Banerjee death case. After Hema Malini and Shah Rukh khan, actor Nana Patekar has made a statement on the issue. Nana believes that media is unnecessarily paying attention over Pratyusha's death. He said, “The girl dying was most unfortunate. But it is being highlighted day after day in the media. What about farmers who kill themselves? Are their lives not worth anything?” Ever since Pratyusha's unfortunate death hit the headlines, everyone has had an opinion about her death in one or the way. On the other hand, Nana feels that this issue has been given enough attention and that it is the farmers who always get neglected. Well, it's nevertheless a far more sensible and honest says on Pratyusha issue so far. Nana, we do feel the same! People making opinions and statements about what happened in her personal life is definitely not so nice. Moreover there sure are better things to focus on, especially by bringing the farmers case into light. Nana Patekar is someone who is always known for drawing attention to many social issues, this time he made his point bold and clear. We definitely appreciate Nana’s move.

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