Mouni and Arjun to die in Naagin’s last episode

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Mouni and Arjun to die in Naagin's last episode Mouni and Arjun to die in Naagin's last episode Source : Press

Looks like Naagin is not going to end on a good note. Why? Let's tell you. The stars of the show, Mouni Roy, and Arjun Bijlani will die in the last episode of Naagin. Oh really? That sounds disappointing! The protagonists Ritik and Shivanya will be killed in the last episode of the season, and they will be re-incarnated in the second season. A close source revealed, “Variations of the last episode were written – one with a happy ending and some others with different ends. But Ekta is known to turn the story around at the last minute. She decided that Ritik and Shivanya should be killed in the concluding episode to get the shock value”. Yeah, we know you will be disappointed with the change in the story. But let us tell you that Sesha will survive to witness the rebirth of Shivanya and Rithik. Also, Yamini will continue with her stint in the second installment as well. Phew, that gives us some relief! The serial is very high in popularity, especially with kids and younger audiences. The TRP being high, because of the same, obviously!

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