MGallery reveals its global brand ambassador

Inspired by Her was first envisaged by the women at MGallery hotels in 2013 as a means of addressing the demands of the female traveller

Known for addressing the needs of female travellers, MGallery has announced the appointment of Ines de la Fressange as global ambassador for the brand. Through the ‘Inspired by Her’ initiative, MGallery responds to and anticipates the demands of its female clientele with exclusive services and special considerations throughout the stay. MGallery is a collection of individually styled boutique hotels. Since 2013, MGallery has been developing a programme to address the needs of one of the market’s fastest growing segments, women travellers. Recently rolled out globally, MGallery’s Inspired by Her programme seeks to meet the specific requirements of the female leisure and business travellers through a suite of services.

“I am thrilled to be working with MGallery as the brand highlights the unique and distinctive personality of each hotel in its collection in an inspiring way. It is also so good to have someone in the industry finally recognise that women have specific needs when we travel. A programme designed for women by women is long overdue and I’m proud to promote Inspired by Her,” said Ines de la Fressange.

A recent survey by IPSOS revealed that 86 per cent of women surveyed (and 80 per cent of men) favoured a female-oriented hospitality programme within a hotel. When asked who would make an ideal travel companion that’s not their partner, family or friend, the most popular choice around the world is Michelle Obama, followed by Emma Watson and Kate Middleton. In her native France, Ines de la Fressange was among the top three favourite travel companions.

Inspired by Her was first envisaged by the women at MGallery hotels in 2013 as a means of addressing the demands of the female traveller. In order to help hone Inspired By Her, MGallery has been working with the research organisation, IPSOS, to better understand the female traveller’s habits and desires.

Agnès Roquefort, senior vice president, Mgallery, said, “We want to bring a feminine touch that enriches our guests experience through details and particular attentions. Having listened to women and being women ourselves, we are extremely proud to be rolling out the Inspired By Her programme across MGallery hotels as we know it will make travel a much more pleasant experience for women. Since nobody embodies the discerning female traveller better, partnering with Ines de la Fressange to enhance our focus on women was an obvious choice.”

According to the IPSOS survey, when it comes to personal stays women tend to travel with their partners. Sixty per cent of women asked said that their other half is their main companion when it comes to leisure travel; 28 per cent of women are more likely to be on a family vacation when they travel, of which Italian women are the most likely to be with la famiglia, at 35 per cent. As for a girl’s getaway, 16 per cent of all ladies – and 25 per cent of Australian women in particular – choose to travel with a friend, which is much higher than the overall proportion of men who like to travel with their buddies (nine per cent). When business travel is included, almost two out of three women travel alone and over 80 per cent are comfortable doing so. Of all women questioned, only 18 per cent mentioned feeling anxious at times when on their own, which drops to 13 per cent among Italian women.

While men and women are similar in their appreciation of special gestures in a hotel such as attentive staff and name recognition, women are particularly appreciative of elements like gifts at the end of their stay (88 per cent), help with their luggage (74 per cent) and a handwritten message to welcome them (71 per cent).

One element that unites all the women surveyed is a love and appreciation of the luxury toiletries found in better hotel bathrooms. Up to 90 per cent of ladies like them. The bathroom seems to be the women’s domain, with 75 pr cent of women habitually claiming their sink space with their own toiletries and beauty products when they check in. Only 48 per cent will take the same care to unpack their clothes and hang items in the closet each time they travel.

MGallery by Sofitel is AccorHotels’ collection of boutique hotels and has 90 addresses in 24 countries around the world.