Meet Karnataka Veterinary Doctor Who Lives With Parrots From 29 Countries

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The doctor says he feeds parrots cerelac, imported from Brazil, four times a day.


Parrots are like family for this Karnataka-based veterinary doctor in Kalaburagi.

Vishwanath Hegga, who is "crazy" for birds, boasts of a collection of 29 different species of parrots from various parts of the world.

"I am a veterinary surgeon working with the state government. Now I am breeding parrots from 29 countries. I started with lovebirds which I got from New Zealand," the veterinary doctor told news agency ANI.

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It's a work of passion and dedication for Mr Hegga who is training the birds at his home.

"We feed them with cerelac, imported from Brazil, four times a day. We have named the birds and they respond when we call them by their names. My entire family loves them," he said.


The doctor's wife also loves birds.

Mr Hegga's wife loves dogs and has now fallen for the birds too. "I take care of the birds and dogs in the house. Very happy to see my husband being able to understand pets' emotions and loving them like our own children."

For the residents in the colony too, these parrots are a treat to watch.


The doctor's family loves the parrots and they raise them together.

Santosh Patil, one of the residents of the colony said, "We all neighbours visit Dr Hegga's house during weekends. It's very relaxing to be with the birds and be close to nature."

Another advantage of keeping the birds at home, Dr Hegga feels is that his children's communication has improved while trying to talk to the birds and he feels great to watch them grow together.
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