Maulana Sami-ul Haq, “Godfather Of Taliban”, Killed In Rawalpindi: Report

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Maulana Sami-ul-Haq is also known as the father of terrori group Taliban.

New Delhi:

Maulana Sami-ul-Haq, a Pakistani cleric known as the godfather of the terror group Taliban, has been killed in a gun attack in Rawalpindi, local reports said on Friday.

Haq, 82, was a revered figure in Pakistan and Afghanistan whose views carried enormous weight among the Taliban on both sides of the border.

He had been aligned with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's ruling Tehreek-i-Insaf party for the July 25 elections, Dawn news reported.

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Tucked away in a dusty Pakistani town off the main motorway to the Afghan border, his Darul Uloom Haqqania university was the launching pad for the Taliban in the 1990s and is still often described as the incubator for Islamist terrorists.

He was killed by unidentified attackers in a house where he was staying, his son was quoted as saying.

Some reports said he was stabbed.

(With inputs from Reuters)

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