Maoists Leave Pamphlets In Bihar Town After Killing BJP Leader’s Uncle

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Maoists torched ten buses and killed the BJP leader's uncle in Bihar's Aurangabad.


After Maoists shot dead the uncle of a BJP legislator in Bihar's Aurangabad and torched several vehicles on Saturday, pamphlets were left behind in the town, 148 km from Patna. The pamphlets had allegations that the politician and his cousin were paid a total of Rs. 7 crore after the notes ban two years ago to exchange banned notes and that they had not returned the money to the Maoists as promised.

On Saturday night, around 200 people attacked the home of Rajan Kumar Singh, a BJP member of Bihar Legislative Council, set a house and 10 vehicles on fire. His 55-year-old uncle, Narendra Singh, was shot dead.

After getting information about the Maoist attack, security forces reached the village and exchanged fire with the Maoists, who then escaped from the spot, police officer Satya Prakash said.

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Pamphelts were left behing in Bihar's Aurangabad after the Maoist attack.

In Bihar and Jharkhand, Maoists often leave behind pamphlets giving reasons for a particular attack.

Rajan Kumar Singh called the allegations made by the banned CPI (Maoist) in the pamphlets baseless. But the police did not rule out the alleged link between the legislator and Maoists. In the pamphlets, the Maoists said they have nothing to do with the BJP and the Sangh Parivar, but mentioned Mr Singh.

The BJP leader had held the police and the state government "responsible" for the attack. "The Maoist attack in the village is the result of mistakes of both the administration and the state government. I had given an application to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the DGP for setting up a police station or at least a police outpost in the village but no action was taken. The administration and the state government are responsible for the incident," Mr Singh said.

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