Lucky Lottery Player Wins Three Times In One Day, Earns Over $5 Million

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Robert Stewart earned over $5 million playing the lottery.

Forget third time lucky – this man just got three times lucky! Robert Stewart from Edgewater in New Jersey, USA, struck the $5 million jackpot on a scratch card lottery game in August. However, he did not quit while he was ahead. According to a November press release by New Jersey Lottery, the retired union pile driver, after winning the $5 million jackpot, immediately went back to his local shop and bought two more scratch cards.

His gamble paid off – he won an additional $500 and $100 on those tickets. Talk about good luck!

Stewart won on August 2, but the New Jersey Lottery did not make the news public until two months later in November. Before this $5 million prize, Robert's biggest lottery win was $2,500.

He now plans to invest his winnings to help his friends and family.

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Robert isn't the only fortunate lottery winner to have made the news for his unbelievable luck. In May this year, a man in Sydney was overjoyed after winning two million-dollar lotteries within a week.

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